Essential Swimming Pool Supplies to Always Have on Hand

It is interesting that many people are under the assumption that swimming pool supplies consist of chlorine, vacuum and a solar cover but there are many more things that you need to take care of and protect your investment.


Algaecides – These solutions treat current algae problems and control future algae growth. For best results, water should be balanced before using one of these treatments.

Chlorine – Available in tablet, stick or granular form, these are the most popular swimming pool supplies most are familiar with. Chlorine keeps your water safe and clean.

Balancers – It can be challenging to achieve a proper pH in your pool, balancers can help. When pH balances are not consistent, you can deal with eye irritation, plaster-etching, equipment corrosion and damage to the surface of the pool.

Saltwater – These swimming pool supplies increase filter efficiency and reduce organic contaminants by limiting phosphates.

Clarifiers –Nobody enjoys having cloudy water; fortunately, these pills help your filter by grouping fine particles together.

Winterizing Kit – These kits typically include non-chlorine shock and granular algaecide to keep your pool algae-free during the winter.

Other Chemicals – Other chemical swimming pool supplies include stain remover, odor eliminator, filter cleaner, water conditioner, metal remover and test strips.

Other Essential Supplies

Filters – There are basically three different varieties of filters being DE, sand and cartridge. These are important tools because they are responsible for keeping your pool clean. DE filters are recommended to clean body oils and suntan lotions while sand varieties have become incredibly popular because they are effective and require minimal maintenance.

Pool Cleaners – When you start shopping for these swimming pool supplies, you will probably be quite surprised at the selection that is available. Some vacuums are hand-operated, requiring you to manually clean with an extension while others literally crawl around your pool, picking up dirt, debris, twigs, pebbles, sand and bugs.

Heaters – The size of your pool will ultimately dictate your heater choice. Some are more energy-efficient, while others will heat the water much faster.

Pump – Similar to filters, these swimming pool supplies are also important to the health of your pool. There are many to choose from, some with unique features like see-through covers or super-sized baskets.

Solar Heating – A quality solar cover will be more effective at heating your in ground or above ground swimming pool and holding the warmth until it’s time to use the water. Solar sun rings are becoming quite popular as well.

Winter Covers – A winter cover is essential to get the most life out of your pool. You will find that there are covers offering up to 20-year warranties.

Alarms – Whether you put an alarm on your pool gate or use one that installs to your pool, these could save the life of a child or an animal who gets a little too close to the edge and falls in.

Although there are a ton of swimming pool supplies to choose from, it is always recommended to purchase quality products. These may cost a bit more but they will keep your pool cleaner and safer. Not to mention, vacuums, filters and pumps will help prolong the life of your pool as well.


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